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The Art of Chaos

By Dominic Salerno   Fri, Oct 01, 2010
Sara Conde's Beautiful Chaos
The Art of Chaos
Bedford Park - An installation by MFA student Sara Conde was featured this summer in the installation space near the main staircase of Lehman College's art department.
Beginning at the top of the staircase pink and yellow ribbons pinned to the wall that have images screen printed onto them lead you down the stairs towards the installation space.  Although the images aren't clear at first glance, one can see the web of ribbons interconnecting a jumble of various drawings and prints on the left and back walls of the space.
Each print could be displayed as its own piece, but here they are all layered and spread across the two walls.  Conde’s prints have a variety of different printmaking techniques.  Some of the images, featuring a variety of things like volcanoes, clouds, explosions and abstract hearts, were made using woodcuts, while others were screen printed.  Many of the line drawings done were made using markers and pens.  Some of the images were created using watercolors.  All of the images utilized a variety of rich, bright colors that were thoughtfully contrasted against white, purple and blue sheets of paper.
The ribbons help to bring all of the prints together making what could simply be two-dimensional into three-dimensional.  The lighting helps to add more depth to the installation as the ribbons create shadows that weave out onto the right wall adding to the atmosphere and connecting with some of the web-like images seen in some of the prints.  What seems like a random and chaotic installation is really a well thought out and designed art piece.
The prints alone have an organic quality to them, especially those done using woodcut.  There are rainbow colored prints that look floral in nature, while others are patterned like mountains, feathers or scales.  This makes them feel like distant memories, bits and pieces of familiar places and very dream-like.  It is like all of these memories are being woven together by ribbons of time, an artistic take on the mind and the universe we live in.  In this installation, every element has a place and purpose which all come together and create an environment where there is order amongst chaos.
Conde pulled together what easily could have been a solo exhibition of all her various prints and turned it into one unique and interesting installation.

Photography (c) Copyright 2010 Dominic Salerno.
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