Saturday, February 13, 2010

In my studio

Fluorescent Yellow Nude

Fluorescent Yellow Nude
December 2009. Acrylics on Canvas. 16 x 20 inches

Group of Ochre paintings

Acrylics on Canvas

Red Nude and Couple of yellow paintings.

Fluorescent Red Nude. December 2009. Acrylics on Canvas. 16 x 20 inches
In this painting you can see the insides of the man... that's how I like to paint the human body, from inside-out. It is a very linear painting, drawn with paint.
Fluorescent yellow Group of 2 paintings.
October 09. Acrylics on Canvas. 4 x 10 inches
October 09. Acrylics on Canvas. 4 x 5 1/2 inches

Red Mini-painting

December 2009. Acrylics on Canvas. 4 x 5 1/4 inches
I love the color in this tiny painting

Blue and Orange Mini-paintings

This is a quite small and cute group of paintings. I specially like the one of the upper right. I have used fluorescent orange, copper, gold, and iridiscent colors to create this little paintings that are going to work great as a little installation.


Clouds. December 2009. Acrylics on Canvas. 70 x 70 inches
Since a lot of my painting is inspired by landscape, this painting has been inspired by clouds. It is a happy and kind of funny painting.

Baby Pink group picture

December 2009.
Acrylics on Panel
Clockwise starting from left:
7 x 10 1/2 inches
3 1/2 x 6 inches
5 x 3 1/2 inches

Big Pink Painting

December 2009. Acrylics on Canvas. 5 x 7 feet
November 2009. Acrylics on Canvas. 48 x 70 inches
I painted this after a hiking weekend trip to Bear Mountain during the month of November. In this painting I reflect the memory of multi-colored wet leaves on the ground while walking in the forest. The best way to look at this painting is from above, while the painting is on the floor.

Turquoise Water and Beads

Untitled. October 2009. Acrylics on Canvas. 35 x 40 inches


October 2009. Acrylics on Canvas. 36 x 60 inches
During the Summer I took a landscape painting course with Melissa Brown. Since then my paintings have become more spacial and less controlled than they were before. This painting is abstract but still informed by landscape, in this case there seems to be a blue mountain, in front of it there are tree branches and clouds, in the bottom there is a blue stain surrounded by a dripping grid. This is mostly a stain-painting in which passage of time is part of the process. There are many layers of water and paint within the painting that create a sense of depth within the space as well as a sense of story telling. The painting has also been inspired by Chinese landscape painting.
Yellow, Blue, and Silver
September 2009. Acrylics on Canvas. 16 x 20 inches

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Bedroom

September 09'
Acrylics on Canvas 24 x 18 inches
This is the first painting that I created during the Fall 09 semester. It is one of my favorite paintings because I used my bedroom as a frame of reference to create this artwork. The textures and the contrast between bright and dark color is what I think that makes the painting interesting. I think that this painting eludes a sense of warmth created by warm colors and blended fibers texture.