Sunday, December 25, 2011


Image credit: Sara Conde, Thinking of Cercedilla, 2010. Woodblock with watercolor, graphite, markers, ball-point pen, and

acrylic. Edition: Unique. 9 x 12 inches. Printed and published by the artist. Courtesy of the artist.

New Prints 2012/Winter

January 28 – March 24, 2012

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 2, 6-8

Members’ and Artists’ Preview: 5-6

International Print Center New York presents New Prints 2012/Winter, on view January 28 – March 24,

2012 in its gallery at 508 West 26th Street, 5th floor. The show consists of sixty-eight prints by forty-five

emerging to established artists, selected from a pool of over 2,300 submissions.

New Prints 2012/Winter is the forty-first presentation of IPCNY’s New Prints Program, a series of juried

exhibitions organized by IPCNY several times each year, featuring prints made within the past twelve

months by artists at all stages of their careers. An illustrated brochure with an essay by a Selections Committee

member will accompany the exhibition.

The Selections Committee for New Prints 2012/Winter is: Glen Baldridge (Forth Estate Editions),

Barbara Baruch (Director, Brooke Alexander Editions), Claire Gilman (Curator, The Drawing Center),

Peter Friedland (Private Collector), Cary Leibowitz (Director of Contemporary Editions, Phillips de

Pury & Company), and Pari Stave (Vice President of Art Advisory, AXA Equitable).

The complete artists’ list is as follows: Romeo Alaeff, BJ Alumbaugh, Brian Anderson, Ida Applebroog,

Anne Beresford, Judy Bergman Hochberg, Kit Boyce, Paige Bradley, Tom Burckhardt, James Carroll, Saul

Chernick, Lindsey Clark-Ryan, John Cobb, Tamar Cohen, Sara Conde, Ann Conner, John Robert Craft,

Bernice Cross, Thorsten Dennerline, Sandra C. Fernandez, Rachel Frank, Beth Ganz, Ioanna Gouma,

Alexis Granwell, Joseph Hart, Anna Hutchings, William Kentridge, Kakyoung Lee, Eddie Martinez,

Artem Mirolevich, Mark Mullin, Michael Neff, Alice O’Neill, Ardan Ozmenoglu, Jill Parisi, Matt Rich,

Moses Ros-Suárez, Ryan Rusinksi, Sara Sanders, Phyllis Seltzer, Kiki Smith, Dan Steeves, William Waitzman, Matthew Wilson, and Jing Yu.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Para Nietzsche, la verdadera, si no la única actividad metafísica del hombre es el arte, y este no puede originarse en otro lugar que no sea el conflicto. Un conflicto que es siempre el mismo: la lucha entre todo lo que representa la figura mitológica de Apolo y lo que emblematiza su hermano Dionisio...order and harmony vs chaos and passion

Monday, June 27, 2011


Sara Conde has created an installation combining  7 paintings and a looping projected video consisting of 7 projections of photographs, each relating to one of the paintings in the wall. 6 of the paintings have been hung on one wall, and one on the opposite wall. The paintings are different irregular sizes and have been hung at different heights of the wall. The painting on the opposite wall has been hung in the center of the wall and it is larger in size than then ones on the first wall.

The video shows photographs of Beautiful Chaos in Athens, an installation that the artist created in a beach of Athens, Greece in November 3, 2010 through an art organization called 3///3 Three Walls on Wednesdays. This ephemeral installation that divided the beach in two was a drawing in the space made of the artist’s works on paper, ribbon, and wood panels.

In order to create a series of paintings Sara Conde has used the camera as a tool to create specific cropped compositions, a series of positional views of the installation combining elements of the beach landscape and of her own abstract artworks. The  images of the installation have been transported before the public as part of this installation with a looping video projected onto the wall.

She has created paintings out of these lensuar images. These appear to be abstract, but are actually paintings of mechanically reproduced images that combine art, the sea, the sand, architecture, plant life, and the sky, and which with the aid of the projected photographs, are posing the difference between abstract and figurative painting as a question.

The paintings, which have been painted from the photographs are made of combined media: acrylics, watercolors, colored pencils, graphite, and the texture of pumice stone to awaken the sense of touch within the painting, and to evoke the texture of the sand of the beach.

The light and colors of the Mediterranean Sea are found in the paintings and the photographs: different shades of blue and sand, with accents of other colors such as pink, red, or green.

The paintings that are have been mediated by digital technology appear unreal, frozen, and airless, and question the difference between abstract and figurative art at the same time as the artist is creating a dialog between painting and photography.

Triangle of Beautiful Chaos on a Greek Beach. Acrylic, Pumice Stone, and Colored Pencils on Muslin. 40 x 18 inches. 2011

Simulated Oval View of an Area of Beautiful Chaos in the Mediterranean Seat. Acrylic, Pumice Stone, Watercolors, and Colored Pencils on Muslin Mounted on Panel. 8 x 6 inches. 2011

Simulacrum. Colored Pencils and Graphite on Pine Wood Panel. 5.7 x 8.3 inches. 2011

 Blue, Wind and Green. Acrylic, Pumice Stone, Watercolors, and Colored Pencils on Muslin. 38 x 46 inches. 2011

Sandy Afternoon in the Beach. Acrylic, Pumic Stone Medium and Colored Pencils on Muslin. 46 x 40 inches. 2011

Ribbon Drawing in the Sand. Acrylic, Pumice Stone, Watercolors and Colored Pencils on Muslin. 40 x 18 inches. 2011

Palm Tree and Watercolor Landscape Blowing on the Beach. Acrylic, Pumice Stone Medium, Watercolors and Colored Pencils on Muslin. 12 x 16 inches. 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011


My lecture Slide Show during Armory Week at 3rd Ward SITE FEST

A3rd Ward195 Morgan Ave

Sara Conde: Beatiful Chaos in
Athens and Time Capsule
Sara Conde / Sat: 7:30pm and Sun: 7:30pm
Sara Conde will give a lecture and provide visual documentation on two recent artworks where she has combined drawing, painting, printmaking, installation and performance: Beautiful Chaos for 3///3, and Time Capsule.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Thoughts on Walter Benjamin's essay: The work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Jean Arp

Andre Derainé_Derain

and poet August Stramm versus poet Rilke

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 A star frightens the steeple cross
a horse gasps smoke
iron clanks drowsily
mists spread
staring shivering

August Stramm

A Walk
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 My eyes already touch the sunny hill.
going far ahead of the road I have begun.
So we are grasped by what we cannot grasp;
it has inner light, even from a distance-

and charges us, even if we do not reach it,
into something else, which, hardly sensing it,
we already are; a gesture waves us on
answering our own wave...
but what we feel is the wind in our faces.

Translated by Robert Bly

Rainer Maria Rilke 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


2011. Colored Pencils and Graphite on Pine Wood Panel
5.5 x 8 inches

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SYNTHETIK ZERO SONIK FEST: My work will be in this festival of performance, film and visual art

The next Synthetic Zero and S0NiKFest events will be on Wednesday, February 2nd, 6pm - 9pm, and Saturday, Feburary 5th, 7pm - 10pm at the BronxArtSpace at 305 E. 140th St., #1A, Bronx NY 10454, curated by Mitsu Hadeishi and Seyhan Musaoglu. We will have live performances, experimental film, and visual art. The event will be free (donations accepted). The Synthetic Zero loft events will be part of the Bronx Culture Trolley. Note: the visual art exhibit will be open Fridays and Saturdays 2-7pm through the 12th.
Jessica Danser/dansfolk - Excerpt from "Sensitive Female Chord Progression" - dance (Saturday only)
Elizabeth Glushko and Liquid Light Lab - music & multimedia
Betty T Kao - poetry reading (Wednesday only)
The shooting star experiment of lights - experimental music
Booker Stardrum's Drillbaby - music (Wednesday only)
Experimental Film:
Jeremy Newman - "The Persistence of Forgetting" - Mt. Laurel, NJ
Damien Ferland - "Death by VHS" - Winnipeg MB, Canada
Charles Chadwick - "Transubstantiation" - South San Francisco, CA
Kate Balsley - "Anima Mundi" - Brown Deer, WI
Mike Celona - "Detour 3" - Rochester, NY
Damali Abrams - "Rompe Puesto" - Queens, NY
Evan Meaney - Knoxville, TN Alexei Dmitriev - "Abstract?"
Russell Chartier - "Devil on a Dam" - West Haven, CT
Tanguy de Thuret - "Untitled" - Italy
Christopher Conry - "In the Green Room: an afternoon & an evening with Chairlift and the Crystal Stilts" - Brooklyn, NY
Visual Art:
Jacek Maczynski - paintings
Rebecca Bird - paintings
Sara Conde - paintings
Darcy Dahl - video installation
Amy Elkins - photographic-based experimental work
Brad Darcy - visual art
Sujin Lee - video installation
Theo Cote - photography
BronxArtSpace started last year: Linda CunninghamMitsu Hadeishi, and a group of artists, curators and arts organizations are collaborating to create a series of events, art shows, experimental film, performance, music, readings, and classes.
If you'd like to suggest a future event, would like to curate a show or submit visual art, video, film, music or a performance, please email us at art at bronxartspace dot com; if it's a video you'd like to submit to a Synthetic Zero event, you can send a DVD or Blu-Ray disc to:
Mitsu Hadeishi / Synthetic Zero
305 E 140th St #1A
Bronx, NY 10454
718 772-4961
Preferred formats for video are DVD (NTSC or PAL) or Blu-Ray disc.

The art space is at 305 E. 140th St., #1A, Bronx NY 10454.
We're about 20 minutes from Union Square. From Manhattan, 4-5 train to 125th, transfer to 6, one stop to 3rd Ave/138th St, it's 2 blocks from there. Note there are two exits at 3rd Ave/138th, one at Alexander Ave and one at 3rd Ave. Ring 3A if 1A does not answer.
Upcoming events and shows:
"Transporting Culture" - curated by Linda Cunningham
February 18 5-9pm - OpeningShow open to the public Feb 17 - March 5
Bronx River Art Center presents show curated by Vince Contarino & Kris Chatterson:
Fri Mar 18 6-9pm - OpeningShow open to the public March 18 - April 29
Note: These events are made possible in part with public funds from the Bronx Council on the Arts through the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs Greater New York Arts Development Fund Regrants Program, Bronx Borough President Aldolfo Carrion and the Bronx delegation of the City Council.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Detroit: A Brooklyn Case Study

I have my work in this show: Detroit a Brooklyn Case Study.

DETROIT: A BROOKLYN CASE STUDY opens Thursday, January 20th with a reception 5:00pm – 8:30pm.
On view through May 27 2011
Pacific Design Center #B208
8687 Melrose Avenue | West Hollywood
DETROIT: A BROOKLYN CASE STUDY, SUPERFRONT’s first exhibit of 2011, considers Detroit both as a specific city and as a set of circumstances. This group exhibit invites not so much a comparison of Detroit and Brooklyn but a calculated misreading. How and where might the logics or circumstances of Detroit operate in Brooklyn, or vice versa? Through cartography, documentary video, architectural proposals, photography, painting and other media, Detroit: A Brooklyn Case Study explores urban typology and local specificity between places both known and imagined.
The exhibit includes works by: Dana BellBrent BirnbaumBerenika BoberskaBrennan Buck,Lynn CazabonSara CondePhilip DembinskiJill DesiminiEllen E. DonnellySebastian FischbeckDavid FreelandDavid KarleErin KasimowAmanda MatlesBlake MorrisJuan Alberto NegroniPaper Tiger TVKaleena QuinnJon StevensBrett Van AalsburgAnusha VenkataramanMargi WeirAudra Wolowiec and others.
More info here.

My art has been included in this Architecture and Art publication by Superfront with essays by Mitch Mc Ewen et al. (my paintings on pages 54 and 55)

Click to preview book
  • US $
Hardcover, ImageWrapUS $44.95